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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

In Illinois, parents who bring a wrongful death lawsuit cannot currently recover for the grief, sorrow and mental anguish they suffer from when their children die. Jurors are instructed to not consider this suffering when they make a decision on how much a family is awarded from the death of their loved one. However, this may all change soon…

Illinois has long followed an archaic law prohibiting the recovery for the mental anguish one suffers from the wrongful death of a family member. Illinois lawmakers have now presented a bill to change this and it is up to Governor Blagojevich to sign the bill.

Many republicans and tort reform advocates argue that this will raise medical malpractice premiums and healthcare costs. This argument is the same ongoing argument that they have been making for years and why they fought to have caps passed on medical malpractice awards. However, we all have begun to realize that these caps are not changing doctor’s premiums and are only further hurting those already injured.

Let’s hope the governor signs the bill and gives some peace to many deserving families…

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