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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

As the investigation into the mishandling of buried loved ones at Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois continues, the court recently appointed Roman Szabelski to oversee the cemetery. Szabelski, who was appointed approximately one week ago, hopes to have the cemetery reopen by August 1, 2009, but realizes that the documents at Burr Oak identifying the gravesites of the deceased are in complete disarray. Even when the cemetery does reopen, it will likely take some time to determine who is buried where.

The disturbing news regarding the desecration of remains at the Burr Oak Cemetery initially broke approximately three weeks ago. Since that time, many families have been to the cemetery but have been unsuccessful in finding out any information on the condition of their loved ones burial sites and remains. It is believed that at least 300 gravesites were disturbed, many of them in the Babyland area of the cemetery, which is where children are often buried.

Criminal charges have been brought against the cemetery workers who are allegedly responsible for the destruction of the gravesites, but that is not all that is being done. The owners and operators of the cemetery will soon also have to answer questions as civil lawsuits are beginning to be filed on behalf of family members who believe their loved ones’ graves were disturbed. If you have a loved one buried at Burr Oak Cemetery and you believe the gravesite may have been disturbed, contact an attorney. You may have a right to recover money damages for the descration of your loved one’s remains.

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