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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

The Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois is being investigated after news broke last week that cemetery workers were removing bodies previously buried at the cemetery and reselling the plots. Since the announcement many people have gone to the cemetery only to find their loved ones headstones in the wrong place or completely removed. It is believed a mass grave was created where hundreds of dug up bodies were reburied so plots could be resold for new burials. The reselling of plots brought in approximately $300,000 to the cemetery.

At this time family members of loved ones buried at the cemetery are not allowed into the cemetery but may go to the cemetery to give authorities information about their loved ones plots and burials. Authorities are currently trying to identify over 100,000 graves.

If your loved one was buried at the Burr Oak Cemetery and you believe the plot may have been disturbed, you have a right to recover against the cemetery. Contact an attorney immediately to learn what your rights are.


  1. Gravatar for Carolyn Lewis
    Carolyn Lewis

    I live in

    cleveland ohio and have not had the opportunity to find out if my grand parents are in this mess they are both buried there. Jerry Mckinney death 1971 and Helen Mckinney buried october 1981 if you have any information please contact me, my family and I would truly appreciated it!

  2. Gravatar for Bayside Watcher
    Bayside Watcher

    Here's another case of a desecrated cemetery, this time in Queens NY, and about the lawsuit that someone has filed to try and force the cemetery and the synagogue that owns the cemetery to do the right thing and to return the money that the synagogue took from the cemetery trust funds. Click on this link:

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