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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

According to the FDA, Natural Balance Pet Food has issued a recall on two of its pet food lines due to complaints of pets becoming ill and experiencing kidney failure. These symptoms are the same symptoms pet owners were complaining of after feeding their pets various brands of pet food that have now been recalled by Menu Foods.

The pet foods currently being recalled by Natural Balance are Venison and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food and Green Pea Dry Cat Food. There is no information at this time regarding what is causing the pets who eat these two types of food to become ill.

To date hundreds if not thousands of dogs and cats have fallen ill after consuming recalled pet food from Menu Foods. Menu Foods recalled at least 60 million cans of food last month. The recall was prompted after several pets died after ingesting the food.

If your pet has become ill or died after eating the recalled pet food contact an attorney immediately. You may have be able to take legal action against Menu Foods. Do not throw away the pet food if it is still in your possession. Instead keep it in a safe place where your pet cannot eat it.

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