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The recent recall of Hydroxycut has once again reminded the public of the danger of weight loss medications. Over the past several years, there have been scores of advertisements enticing consumers to take non-prescription supplements to aid them in weight loss. Once again, we are seeing that when it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of Hydroxycut, as many of these manufacturers do, preyed on the unsuspecting public and may have caused many severe harm.

As a result of Iovate Health Sciences failure to put a safe weight loss supplement on the market, it has possibly caused many unsuspecting people side effects such as liver failure, jaundice, heart complications, kidney problems, brown urine, as well as others. Currently there has been one confirmed death of a 19 year old boy. Due to the recall being recently announced, there may very well be additional deaths that have yet to be reported.

The consumers that are suffering from these complications had a right to be warned about the dangers of Hydroxycut before taking it. If you took Hydroxycut and believe you are suffering from complications as a result, contact your physician immediately. You should make sure you discuss how long you have taken Hydroxycut and any possible side effects you may be suffering from as a result. You should also contact an attorney, as you may be able to file a claim and be compensated for any injuries you have suffered.

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