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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

Medtronic recalled its Sprint Fidelis defibrillator leads approximately two weeks ago after several reports of people receiving shocks. The shocks result from tiny fractures in the leads. The fractures may also cause the defibrillator not to work at all. Medtronic is suggesting that patients have doctors adjusted the frequency in their defibrillators which may reduce the chance of malfunctioning.

The first lawsuits against Medtronic have begun to be filed since the recall. It is unknown what the outcome will be at this time because while in most recalls a device is replaced, in this recall it is not being recommended to most patients to have a replacement.

If you have one of the recalled leads implanted, contact an attorney to find out what legal action you can take against Medtronic.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Drugs, Medical Devices and Implants.

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