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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

Scientific Fraud by industry is not limited to the motive of increased sales; it is also designed to defend lawsuits. I am currently prosecuting a Sanctions Motion against a Product Liability Defendant for secretly creating a “peer reviewed study” to promote its litigation strategy.

The Scientific Fraud in my case occurred when the researcher deceived the Journal Editors by 1) failing to disclose his role as defendant’s expert in this litigation; 2) claiming he had Institutional Review Board Approval for his study when he did not; 3) by stating that the study had “no external funding” but then pocketing $25,000 from the Defendant shortly after the study was published; and 4) for violating the Scientific Method by relying on the Defendant’s Trial Lawyer to select and collect all the data. I have asked the Journal to withdraw the study and I’ve filed a complaint against the author at his University.

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