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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

A young Louisiana child had lap band surgery to help her reduce her body weight. The obese child went into surgery on June 24, 2005 and had reoccurring complaints shortly after the surgery. She returned to Dr. Felix Spiegel’s office on several occasions complaining of problems keeping certain foods down, abdominal pain and a choking sensation. The daughter of Warren and Melissa Strother was never seen by Dr. Spiegel and instead had her lap band adjusted and was told to return if her symptoms persisted.

The Strother’s daughter became so ill she was rushed to the hospital where the doctor’s discovered her lap band had migrated. It was determined she had a concentric constrictor around the esophagus. She was also suffering from necrotic tissue development. The girl developed pancreatitis as a result of the failed procedure.

The Strother’s parents have brought a medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Spiegel for his negligent care of their daughter. The Strother’s and their daughter may be able to recover for their daughter’s past and future medical bills as a result of the failed procedure. They can also recover for any pain and suffering as a result of the failed procedure and any future limitations she may now have.

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