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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

A Chicago area couple went to one of their favorite restaurants recently and were served anything but their favorite food. The couple, Debbye and Peter Sotilles, went to the Portillo’s restaurant in Streamwood, Illinois and placed their order but what they received was not what they expected.

The Sotilles placed their order and shortly thereafter another customer came back with his food saying that what he was given was not what he ordered. The couple realized it was their food but asked for new food since this had already been handled by another customer. Portillo’s was not interested in giving them new food but did take the order back. The manager of the restaurant threw the original order in the garbage and then turned around moments later to hand the couple a “new” order. What the couple really got though was the food that had just been thrown out.

The manager took the food out of the trash and served it to the couple. When the manager was questioned he denied doing any such thing, but he did admit to another customer that he has done this before. The couple said that the food they were given was definitely from the garbage. It was cold and in the same bag as the original order that the customer brought back to the counter.

Besides being simply disgusting this is a health hazard. Had the couple eaten the food, who knows what kind of reaction to it they could have had. It makes a consumer wonder for the one time this manager was caught, how many times has he and others at Portillo’s and other restaurants pulled the same stunt?

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