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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

CNN recently uncovered the auto insurance companies mantra “delay, deny, defend.” The original story uncovered the truth about insurance carriers failure to pay on minor car accident claims. After the story aired many more people came forward telling a similar story.

It is clear that CNN is amazed at the number of people affected by the insurance companies failure to pay victims of minor motor vehicle accidents. They have been receiving an abundance of reports of situations where a person is in a minor car accident and the insurance company refuses to pay or delays payment for a period of time that is so long that the victim agrees to take whatever they are offered to avoid further delay and trial.

This is happening all too often and it is about time that is was brought to the public’s attention. It is interesting to note that the insurance carriers deny this tactic and say that they are paying the claims. So where is the money going because it is clear from all the responses CNN has received that the victims are not receiving what is rightfully theirs.

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