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Girls Feet Amputated After Six Flag Ride Fails

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A thirteen year old girl’s feet were amputated after a ride at Kentucky’s Six Flags theme park malfunctioned. The Superman ride at the theme park raises riders into the air 154 feet and drops them at a rate of 54 miles per hour. The ride stops just 20 feet before the riders hit the ground. It is believed that a cable broke during the ride and became wrapped around the girl’s feet causing them to be amputated at the ankles. Her feet were recovered and brought to the hospital where she underwent surgery.

This is not the first accident in Six Flag’s long history. There have been a handful of past accidents at the various theme parks around the country and some have resulted in death. Six Flags will have a lot of answering to do regarding this most recent incident and will likely face a lawsuit for the injuries the young girl received in the incident.

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