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Falling Debris Injures Chicago Pedestrian

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The cold weather in Chicago has brought high wind gusts which caused injuries to a pedestrian in downtown Chicago on Wednesday. The injured man was walking near Dearborn Street and Hubbard Street when winds caused a two-by-four to tumble from a construction site and strike the man. The man was reported in stable condition.

There are no additional details at this time about who owned the construction site or why the two-by-four was not properly tied down so an accident like this would not occur.

The man that was injured may be able to take legal action against the construction company as well as others involved at the site for his injuries from the two-by-four. The construction company has a responsibility to keep the area around the work site safe for pedestrians in the area. Lawsuits have been filed in the past for similar accidents where debris has fallen from Chicago buildings causing innocent people injury and even resulting in death.