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Failed Abortion Leaves Woman Pregnant

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A Boston woman who discovered she was pregnant in 2004 decided that she was unable to care for the child and opted for an abortion. She was first seen at a Planned Parenthood facility, where she requested the abortion to be performed. It was done, however, it was not done properly and unbeknownst to her, she remained pregnant. The woman then saw a doctor at the Boston Medical Center when she was 20 weeks pregnant, although she was unaware of the pregnancy at that time, and that doctor failed to detect the pregnancy. It was not until she was seen two months after that visit that it was discovered she was pregnant when she was in the emergency room for pelvic pain.

The woman is suing Planned Parenthood and the doctor at Boston Medical Center for failure to end the pregnancy and failure to see that she was pregnant. She is suing to recover the costs of raising her child, who is now two years old.