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Complaints of Rashes and Blistering from Victoria's Secrets' Bras Continue

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More and more women have been complaining in recent days of Victoria’s Secrets’ bras causing them rashes and blisters. Several of these women have been suffering for months not knowing until recently the bras were the cause of their pain and discomfort.

An initial case was filed against Victoria’s Secret in Ohio after a woman discovered there was formaldehyde in her bra, and the chemical was causing her a severe rash. Recently, the problem has been brought to the attention of consumers and now many women are coming forward with the same symptoms. Despite these complaints, Victoria’s Secret is currently denying it uses formaldehyde in its bras and has not recalled any bras. Some of the affected bras are believed to be the Angels Secret Embrace and the Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up.

If you are suffering from these symptoms and wearing a Victoria’s Secret bra, you should discontinue wearing the bra immediately. You should also consult a physician about your symptoms as well as the fact that you have been wearing a Victoria’s Secret bra. Do not discard the bra. To find out if you have a possible claim against Victoria’s Secret, contact an attorney immediately.