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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

The pet food recall seems to have one twist after another. The latest reports show that the chemical that caused the recall has now been found in a second pet food imported from China. The chemical, melamine is believed to be the cause of illness and death in many pets across the country. Wheat gluten and rice protein are two ingredients in the pet food that have been found to contain the deadly chemical. The ingredients were imported from China and used by at least seven different pet food manufacturers. The investigation continues but any steps toward looking into the China plant have been halted until FDA inspectors are granted Visas to enter China.

The pet food recall has brought anger, frustration and sadness to many pet owners in the United States. Several lawsuits have been filed including the first lawsuit that was filed in Chicago seeking class action status. It is clear from the recall that there are not proper guidelines and regulations in place to keep our pets safe from contaminated food. It appears that the food is not being inspected properly . A House Committee hearing on food safety is being held on Tuesday and the recall is likely to be on the agenda. Hopefully higher standards will be established when it comes to pet food, or we may never feel safe feeding our pets store bought food again.

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