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| McCallister Law Group, LLC

A woman that was being cared for in a nursing home in Boston was forced to have her foot amputated after the nursing home failed to properly care for her. The woman had an infection in her foot that was caused by the nursing home’s failure to attend to a large gaping wound. The wound was so big that the woman’s ankle bone and ligaments were exposed.

The cause of the wound is believed to be from a bed sore. The woman’s daughter never saw the wound until it was too late because the nursing home had it covered with a sock. The nursing home caregivers neglected the woman’s needs and caused the bed sore to develop. The medical records say that the woman was rotated twice a day to avoid bed sores but this is clearly not true based on the huge sore that was discovered as well as based on the recollection of the daughter.

Nursing home abuse is all too common across the country as well as here in Illinois. Elderly patients deserve to be cared for properly. Nursing homes that are causing these patients more harm than good need to be accounted for so the abuse is discontinued.

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