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Rescue Efforts Halted in Utah Mine Collapse

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Digging has been halted at the Crandall Canyon coal mine after 3 rescue workers recently died and six others were injured. Experts have examined the mine and say it is too dangerous to continue digging. The head of the federal Mine and Safety Health Administration, however, has said that if there are any signs of life they will continue rescue efforts.

Four holes have now been dug into the mine in search for Luis Hernandez, Manuel Sanchez, Kerry Allred, Carlos Payan, Brandon Phillips and Don Erickson. There has been no sign of life but friends and family are stilling hoping the miners are found alive. Reports have varied on whether the air quality is enough to sustain life in the mine.

The mine owner has repeatedly stated that seismic activity caused the mine to collapse, but no seismic activity has been reported. Many problems with the mine had been reported in the past. Several lawsuits are likely to follow due to the deaths of the three rescue miners and the unknown fate of the trapped miners.