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Highland Park Man Dies While Sailing In Maui

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Hal Pulfer was only 48 when he died during a sailing trip he was enjoying in Maui, Hawaii on Sunday. Pulfer was aboard a 55 foot catamaran with over 50 other tourists. The catamaran signaled for help and eventually sank. Other boats in the area helped rescue other passengers aboard.

Pulfer, who lived in Highland Park, Illinois, was on vacation with his family, including his three children who were enjoying spring break.

It is not clear what caused the catamaran, owned by the Hyatt Regency, to sink. An investigation into the accident is ongoing at this time and at this time it appears the last inspection of the boat was in September.

Other passengers were also injured in the boat sinking, including a couple that suffered from hypothermia. The Hyatt Regency has many questions to answer for all of these passengers. No lawsuits have been filed to date, but it is likely that the Pulfer family and other passengers have a claim that they may wish to pursue against the Hyatt.