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Family Awarded $35.3 Million After Father's/Husband's Death

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A jury awarded the family of Danny Oppenheim Jr. $35.3 million. Danny Oppenheim died after his doctors failed to properly monitor him during surgery. While he was under anesthesia he was not receiving the proper amount of oxygen. The lack of oxygen caused brain damage and eventually Oppenheim’s death.

The two doctors, Aeneas Guiney and Robert Wolf have had other patients become severally ill under there watch and at least one other patient die. Their licenses were suspended in November 2006 after a second patient in their care died.

This lawsuit is an example of why doctors need to be held accountable for their actions. They should not be allowed to hide behind state imposed caps on damages. The family of Danny Oppenheim deserves what the jury found adequate to award them. They, as well as other families, should not have to worry about state imposed caps on damages. Juries are given the job of determining what a person or family deserves to be compensated, and their determinations should not be disturbed.

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