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Hawaii Jury Hears Screwball Defense from Screwdriver Surgeon

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It should not be surprising that Dr. Robert Ricketson is acting as his own lawyer before a jury in Hilo, Hawaii; since no defense attorney could keep a straight face while telling his story as a Medical Malpractice Defendant. Dr. Ricketson chose to use a screwdriver to stabilize a patient’s spine, when the titanium rods he should have used were missing from the O.R. Of course, the screwdriver shaft broke three days later and the patient needed three unsuccessful, corrective surgeries; but lost the use of both his legs and died two years later.

Would you believe Dr. Ricketson’s medical license had been previously suspended or revoked in several states before obtaining a license in Hawaii? Oh, the good doctor also admitted to a narcotics addiction and writing false prescriptions to obtain drugs.

Seems to me like the Hawaii Office of Professional Registration must be on drugs themselves for letting this wackjob anywhere near an operating room. I’ll keep you posted on the verdict.