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Flesh Eating Bacteria Causes Amputation of Limbs

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A Florida woman who gave birth to her son last May was shocked to find out that she had contracted a flesh eating bacteria infection. She was forced to have her arms and legs amputated to save her life. Claudia Mejias, only 23 years old is looking for answers, but the hospital is keeping quiet.

Mejias filed a lawsuit against the hospital alleging its negligence caused her to contract the bacterial infection. To date she has received very limited information on what caused the infection.

Patients in hospitals are very susceptible to infection because of the bacteria in the hospitals. This is why it is so important for medical staff to wash their hands always before handling a patient, however, this does not always happen and infections often occur. If you contracted an infection while in the hospital, you may have a right to seek legal action against the hospital and/or doctors that treated you. Contact an attorney immediately.