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Serious Side Effects Including Death Related to Yas and Yasmin Birth Control Pills


Most prescription medications, if not all, come with their share of side effects. Recently, however, one prescription has been noticed in both the medical and legal community for the extensive side effects that it has caused. The birth control pill Yaz or Yasmin has now been linked to blood clots, pulmonary embolism, stroke, heart attack, gallbladder problems and other injuries. There are of course milder side effects that are perfectly normal, such as a decrease in sex drive, headaches, decrease in appetite, nausea, and weight gain. However, if these side effects persist, or begin to develop in more serious symptoms, then seeking medical and legal help is not only the intelligent choice, but should be made quickly after these symptoms begin.

Yaz is also catching flak in the legal community for a misleading and false advertising campaign. This false advertising campaign has caused many women to face irreversible side effects, triggering multiple federal law suits. The Yaz campaign made false claims about the drugs benefit to it’s users, and also shielded the advertisements from discussions of the serious side effects such as blood clots. As a result of these ad campaigns women began taking the pill without full knowledge of the health risks that were associated with the drug.

The reason why Yaz is causing such life threatening injuries to women is that the drug contains a synthetic type of progestin labeled as drospirenone. Drospirenonne is a progestin that leads to hyperkalemia, a condition that is triggered by excessive amounts of potassium in the blood. This build up is one of the many causes of the Yaz side effects such as heart attacks, stroke, and deep vein thrombosis.

With the false advertising and dangerous elements contained within the Yaz birth control medication, many women are finding these side effects serious and in need of medical attention. Medical attention that should be compensated by the company, Bayer, who produced Yaz and the Yaz advertising campaign. If you, or anyone you know, is taking the Yaz birth control medication and suffering from these side effects, please contact legal and medical support immediately. Being safe begins with being informed.


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  1. John Hopkins says:
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    You are so very correct. It is sad that an effective cause of action does not exist for the blatant false advertising. To produce a Broadway show in order to obscure the dangers of your product is simply wrong and should be actionable. Smacks of a fraud in the inducement.

  2. Steve Lombardi says:
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    Okay, John and Jamie allow me to ask a really dumb question. Why isn’t there a cause of action if the advertising is misleading or false?