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Salmonella Outbreak Update

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The FDA released an update to its original release regarding the outbreak of salmonella in Peter Pan peanut butter. The original outbreak information was released on February 14, 2007, with an update follwing on February 16, 2007. The updated release gives new information on infected peanut butter and estimates on the amount of people who may be infected.

The FDA is now saying that all Peter Pan peanut butter purchased since May 2006 is affected, and it does not matter what the product code is on the jar. However, the only Great Value peanut butter that is affected are those jars purchased since May 2006 that have the a product code beginning with 2111.

At this time the CDC has identified 290 people who have reported becoming ill from Salmonella Tennessee. This is the type of salmonella related to this current outbreak. Of these patients, 46 have been hospitalized, but at this time there have been no deaths reported. The 290 people live in 39 different states.