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Pennsylvania Woman Dies of Salmonella

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It is believed that a Pennsylvania woman died in January as a result of being infected with salmonella after eating tainted peanut butter. The peanut butter is part of a recent recall of ConAgra peanut butter. This is not the first death that is believed to be related to the peanut butter. A family recently came forward in Illinois stating that they believe their family member also died from ingesting the peanut butter.

The recall, which affects certain types of ConAgra’s peanut butter that was manufactured on or after May 2006 has been making headlines for the past few weeks. Since the story first broke, people throughout the nation have come forward stating they fell ill after eating the tainted peanut butter.

Recently, lawsuits have begun to be filed against ConAgra alleging anywhere from short term illness, to hospitalization and now, in some cases, death.