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Men File Defective Defribillator Lawsuits

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Two men from the Chicago area have filed lawsuits against Medtronics, the Minnesota-based manufacturer of defribillator implants.

Randie Green and Anton Muller claim their defribillators had defective batteries, and they had them removed in 2005.

According to the complaints, the models’ defective batteries cause the defibrillator to short, resulting in an unpredictable loss of power without warning. The suits also state that approximately 87,000 Medtronic implantable defibrillator/pacemakers are currently in use by patients worldwide.

The lawsuits allege negligence in the design and manufacturing of the devices, products liability, failure to warn consumers of the defect as well as consumer fraud.

The Madison/St. Clair record reports more on the defribillator lawsuits.