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Chicago Traffic Aide Dies After A Van Strikes Her

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Angela Jaynes, a Chicago traffic control aide, was killed on Monday after being hit by a van that was speeding through the intersection where she was directing traffic. Jaynes had only five minutes left before her shift was over when she was slammed in the back by the van when it flipped in the air at the intersection of Ashland and Archer on Chicago’s Southwest side.

Jaynes was only 39 years old at the time of her death. She is survived by her children and husband. Jaynes’ is the second traffic control aide to die on the job in Chicago this year.

Jaynes’ family may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the driver of the van. If the driver was not the owner or was working at the time then the employer and owner of the van may also be held responsible for the wrongful death of Angela Jaynes. Jaynes’ family should contact an attorney to learn more about their legal rights.